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Next shirt offer is ready to go! It's a handsome border collie this time, who is going to be offered in black and white, liver and white and I'm going to be mixing a 'blue' color for someone, so that color too.


The shirts I'm offering are (all shirts are white):

Hanes Beefy T (plain Tee). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20 shipped
Beefy T w/ Contrast Stitch (white shirt, navy stitching). . .$22 shipped
Beefy T Long Sleeved Tee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$25 shipped
Hanes Hoodie Sweatshirt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$35 shipped
Hanes Beefy Ringer (white shirt, black trim). . . . . . . . .$22 shipped
Hanes Ladies Tank (I have measurement info). . . . . . $20 shipped
Juniors Spaghetti Strap tank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20 shipped
(very small sizes! I have measurements, please ask!!)
Juniors Raglan tee (white shirt, black collar and sleeves). .$25 shipped
(very small sizes! I have measurements, please ask!!)

As before, half payment is required upon time of order to via paypal. You can drop a comment to order, or you can just send payment with:

the shirt you want
your shirt size
the color of collie.

Or, if you don't have/don't want to use paypal, I also have a Google checkout account and I can email you an invoice.

If you want one of the juniors sizes, they run very small, and I do have measurement charts for them, so I'll need to know inches instead of sizes for those.

I can ship internationally, but I must warn you that it'll cost more and take about 2 weeks at the least to get to you.

I will let this offer run until May 28th, whereupon I will order shirts and print when they arrive. If you have any questions, or what a different color shirt than white, feel free to ask, the worst I can do is say that I can't order that color.


Mar. 1st, 2008 03:14 pm
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It's the "Holy Shit, She cleaned out her studio" sale!

These are just a bunch of sketches, drawings, prints, etc; that I pulled out of the pile of detritus that tends to collect on any horizontal surface in my house. Most of this stuff is quite old.

Most is furry stuff I just want to get gone since I don't do much in the way of anthro art anymore. Some are prints that I did not do that I somehow acquired from the 'please, take it!" pile the print shop at SIU had last spring. And the rest are from figure drawing two years ago.

look behind the cut for what's available! )

And also, the figure drawing grab bag! For $15 you get one piece of scribbled on brown paper which amounts to no more than a sketch, usually and one piece of white paper which has a more finished sketch with some shading. This one is a first come first serve, when I run out, I'm out! For an extra $20, I'll throw in a *finished* drawing done on black paper in white charcoal. None of these figure drawing pieces are in super shape, as they've been rolled up and stacked against the wall for two years now, but if stretched and framed tightly or pressed under a heavy book, they should be OK.

Also keep in mind that in figure drawing, the figures are *gasp* tastefully nude.

First come first serve on everything, I'm not going to make this a bidders war, I just want to get rid of this stuff. Comment or email to grab what you want. You are also responsible for shipping charges, First class USPS (which usually only amount to a couple bucks.)

Paypal only for this sale, plz!
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I'm ending the t-shirt offer on Saturday this week so I have time to get the shirts ordered.

If you want one, speak up soon!
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Okay, so nobody but a select few would wear Blak Shuk on a shirt. :P I still want to come up with t-shirt designs and offer them ever so often, when I think I have a spare moment. This would be something more appealing to the masses. It'd be one color on a black shirt. Since the design is fairly large, I'm asking $20 shipped for each shirt (that means shipping USPS First Class is in the price, if you're international and want one, we have to talk).


Styles of shirts I can order )

You can email me at rusti.knight at gmail dot com or leave a comment. I do require a deposit of 50% up front so I can order the shirts (so that deposit is nonrefundable) then the other 50% at completion, from everyone.

Edit: I'll leave this to go for a couple weeks and I'll probably do the work during spring break.
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if you're one of those folks like me who likes to send gifts, or even letters and want to brighten a soldier's day, have a look at this site. You can see what they're requesting and send them a care package, or even just a letter.
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Website underwent some changes this evening!


There are two new pages to have a gander at, the two link buttons on the links page are my creation (though the aibo logo would be Sony's trademark), the navigation buttons have been redone and the silkscreen information page is up.

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I have screen filler in hand now. I am ready to print uncomplicated designs under 10x14 inches.

Photo emulsion coming in the next month or so (I hope.) Then I'll be able to do sharp lettering, small details, thin lines and tons of other things that are difficult to do with drawing fluid and contact paper stencils.

If you want a shirt, and the design is fairly simple, email me!

rusti.knight at gmail dot com
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Kay, here's the skinny.

I have ONE screen. I can do ONE color, ONE shirt at a time. With contact paper stencils and drawing fluid/screen filler (waiting on Hobby Lobby to get screen filler in, which should hopefully be by the end of this week). Multiple colors are not out of the question, it just won't go very fast, and I cannot do huge numbers of shirts (10 or more, I think) at a time right now.

I am not set up for photo emulsion (super detailed things) yet. Drawing fluid isn't super limited, but if the design you have in mind has lots of small spots of color/fine lines/is just plain complicated I can't do it yet. That's coming. Just not right now. There's still a few things I have to set up/build yet.

I think for one color on one shirt with a fairly simple design that won't take me long to paint onto the screen with the drawing fluid I'll start things at $10 per shirt (the more shirts done with that one design and that one color, I can knock a little off, since setting up is the booger, actual printing takes no time at all - say you got five shirts with the same single color design, I could lower prices to $8.00 a shirt). I'm still figuring out rates for more colors, though I think it'd be safe to count on at least $10 per color for one shirt.

As long as you have a design ready for me.

I will be happy to do the artwork for you, but I will charge you a design fee.

For now, email me if you're interested. Later on I hope to be able to set up a form through the website for this.
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*makes mental note to be in Southern Illinois on August 21st, 2017*

Total solar eclipse across the US. Ten years is a long time to wait.
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For the folks whose flists I'm on who really want this thing

Gonna send them an email, already signed the petition, and might even call them.

The more folks that bug them about this, the more likely it'll become. I'm honestly quite surprised they aren't 'planning on it' right now, considering all the people I've seen that want it.

Oh, hey

Jul. 23rd, 2007 07:40 pm
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I'm going to redo prints of this fellow:¤t=blakshuk.jpg

Probably this weekend, and make a t-shirt or two with him down in the corner, grinning out. I really cannot guarantee how he would look on black, but he'd show up in gray or white for sure. But if anyone wants one, since I'm going to have the stencils out anyway, I'll do ya for $10 for each shirt. The ink will be a little bit stiff because it is not fabric ink, but I'll hunt down an iron and an ironing board to heat set it for you. it ought to loosen up after a wash.

$10 per shirt plus a couple for shipping first class. Let me know by Thursday.
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Does anyone know anything about INGDirect? (( )) as far as banking goes?

They have some reeeeaaallly attractive interest rates on savings and checking accounts and I thought I would ask around to see if anyone had any experience with them, or knows of someone, or knows where I should ask.

A quiz

Jul. 8th, 2007 11:37 pm
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Because I laughed all the way through at every question.

Find out which Transformer you are at LiquidGeneration!
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Take this test at Tickle

You're a Insightful Linguist! IQ of 129

Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

The Classic IQ Test

Brought to you by Tickle


Jun. 12th, 2007 11:01 pm
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The new Steel Wolf Graphix site is live at last! You can find it at and spread the word!

It's built a lot like the old one, but I've added some new things, and it's got a new host since Homestead failed me miserably in the Mac compatibility department.

My next project is getting switched over and set back up as a writing site. Which after this headache, should be relatively easy.

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So I enjoyed that endeavor this past semester, and will be doing it again in a mad flurry for a month this summer. I've been thinking about getting the things I need to do it here at home, like a screen, ink, screen filler, drawing fluid, clamps for my drafting table, squeegees, etc.

I filled up the cart on with the things I'd need and the total comes to about $132 $165 (added a couple more screens to the order). Not including shipping.

Now, in order for me to be willing to drop that amount, I've got to know that folks are gonna buy. Silk screen equipment means I can do custom t-shirts more or less fairly easily. The cost, of course, would be better for those who bought several, as opposed to those who only wanted, say, one shirt/pair of paints/canvas bag/whatever due to the cost of the shirt design, inks, shirt itself, whathaveyou.

Would any of you be interested? I'm just testing the waters, here.

Edit: Tell ya what... I think in order for me to drop the funds on the equipment (and put the screw holes for the clamps in my drafting table...) I'll have to take pre-orders. Keeping in mind that everything will be done by hand. I won't have a machine, it'll just be me. Prices will depend on quantity (the more bits of clothing you order with the same design, the less *per piece* it will be) complexity of your design, number of colors in the design, and whether or not I have to make your design for you, or if you give me something all set to go. Lots of variables, I know, but it's more simple than you think. Preordering will require a non-refundable deposit, because I'll be using it to order not only the equipment, but your clothing stuffs too! Email me at rusti_knight at and let's chat.
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For anyone that reads this journal and was thinking to commission me, the last week of school is next week! I'll take five to start with, they being Windstone PYOs, real media or design.

Check out Steel Wolf Graphix for my TOS (under 'custom'). The first slot is already filled by a commission I took in january and haven't been able to finish due to being snowed by school.

First pay first serve. A 50% deposit is required up front.

1. [ profile] tanya_ltp
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--Go to
--Click on Maps.
--Click on "get Directions".
--From New York
--To Warwickshire

--And read line # 23

...Repost this to your journal if you laughed.

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