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I haven't had time for something like this in forever, but I think I'll do this for a while to make a little extra spending money for the nice printer I'd like to have and the camera I'd also like to have instead of going further into debt on the American Express. xD

Here's the skinny:
Sketches are generally $20-$25 if you commissioned me outside of a sale like this. I'm going to take 10 sketch commissions at a time at $15 each.

They'll be done in mech pencil on 9x12 bristol board and here are some examples
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

Max two characters/figures each, references are a plus!

$15 9x12 sketch on bristol board - 7 slots open
1. [ profile] onlyonechoice Paid #1
2. [ profile] amergina
3. flickerofdoubt

When these are done, I can open up again. Most subjects are OK, and if I have my doubts about what you're requesting, or of I'm completely repulsed by a request, I'll let you know.

Pay before I draw, and I prefer paypal, but I'll take a money order. You can request more than one slot (two separate sketches = 2 slots) and first pay first drawn. (Oh, and paypal is webmaster at steel-wolf dot com, replaces words with appropriate symbols and removes spaces. :) )
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Base metal (probably nickel, it's not sterling!), quartz, onyx and Czech glass choker.

I really like this one.

Big image! )

For Sale on Etsy
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Every once in a while I'll indulge in my crafting sensibilities and make jewelry. Last week I placed an order to Fire Mountain gems and I've got the things to make two necklaces.

I finished the first one tonight. It's genuine malachite and black onyx, sterling silver chain and a pewter dragon pendant/centerpiece. The black ring joining the dragon and the necklace is a Swarovski crystal comsic ring.

Pics )

I'm going to put it up in my Etsy shop for sale, and I'll edit this post with the link if anybody is interested.

edit: Here is the Etsy listing


Mar. 1st, 2008 03:14 pm
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It's the "Holy Shit, She cleaned out her studio" sale!

These are just a bunch of sketches, drawings, prints, etc; that I pulled out of the pile of detritus that tends to collect on any horizontal surface in my house. Most of this stuff is quite old.

Most is furry stuff I just want to get gone since I don't do much in the way of anthro art anymore. Some are prints that I did not do that I somehow acquired from the 'please, take it!" pile the print shop at SIU had last spring. And the rest are from figure drawing two years ago.

look behind the cut for what's available! )

And also, the figure drawing grab bag! For $15 you get one piece of scribbled on brown paper which amounts to no more than a sketch, usually and one piece of white paper which has a more finished sketch with some shading. This one is a first come first serve, when I run out, I'm out! For an extra $20, I'll throw in a *finished* drawing done on black paper in white charcoal. None of these figure drawing pieces are in super shape, as they've been rolled up and stacked against the wall for two years now, but if stretched and framed tightly or pressed under a heavy book, they should be OK.

Also keep in mind that in figure drawing, the figures are *gasp* tastefully nude.

First come first serve on everything, I'm not going to make this a bidders war, I just want to get rid of this stuff. Comment or email to grab what you want. You are also responsible for shipping charges, First class USPS (which usually only amount to a couple bucks.)

Paypal only for this sale, plz!


Jan. 22nd, 2007 02:06 pm
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And after the intro days, school is in *full swing!!!* I swear to Pete, I've got a laundry list now a mile long. ugh. I don't think I could take 15 hours of Art and Design classes with all the work I've got to do with just 12.

By wednesday I have to read: 73 pages in my typography book, have an exercise done where I've drawn four different versions of a letter I've picked out and plucked out of magazines and be started with my first assignment which has to have a rough version (close-ups of the same letters used in the exercise) ready for discussion and crit Monday

By Thursday I've got a woodblock project *due* in printmaking. As in, have it drawn on the wood, sealed, carved out (while running proofs during carving) and a dry print ready to turn in at the beginning of class Thursday (unless the guy changes his mind, guess we'll see).

I have some reading to do in my art history book, though that class is coming up next here in a little under an hour, to keep caught up with that class.

On top of:
a commission with a deadline of very early february
a pyo wolf (with no deadline, but she's sitting next to my computer among the paints, staring at me accusingly so I don't forget her, not that T would let me)
reading material for reference for future commissions
my own personal artwork which never seems to get done (dancing wolf, Rusti/Beast and Rusti/Viper)
sexy AU fic
and I've started writing on my book.

Holy cow I think my schedule just exploded at the seams. I'm having one of those dilemmas where I'm not sure which way I should turn first!! And I don't even have another job yet.
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So for the time being I've decided to offer $10 pencil sketch commissions, and for an extra coupla bucks, I'll send 'em to you.

They'd look something like these:


$10 for pencil sketch on 8.5x11 piece of sketchbook paper (limited to one or two characters, lets not get greedy). $2 gets 'em shipped to your door.

If you wanted something bigger, or more in the way of shading, you can check out my commissions page at [link] for a price list and terms.

I also have an assortment of prints and originals available for purchase at [link]Check them out, and if you see something you like, you can either emailme directly or use the paypal shopping cart provided on the page.



Sep. 21st, 2006 02:33 pm
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Dust Devil prints are *finally* in my hands, and due to some of Staples' fucked up stunts, they are 14x17 instead of 11x14. I had no desire to leave my originaly, which was starting to look a little rough at the edges due to some not-so-nice handling, with them for them to beat it up even further.


14x17 laminated (ageless) prints are $25, shipping is $6. They will be sent rolled in a tube and each will be signed and numbered. I'll even cater to number preferences if you have them.

They are ready to go as of now. I'll take money order or paypal, and there are 9 left. You can order them off my website, which has a paypal shopping cart, or you can email me ( rusti_knight at earthlink dot net ) and get them directly from me.


Aug. 10th, 2006 05:53 pm
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Dust Devil is *done*!

As stated in the description, original is for sale and I'll be making prints.
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Artistic dilemma...I don't have time to do both ideas I have on thebrain for my Knight Nats piece that I make prints of each year. I havetwo ideas:

Karr turboboosting over Kitt, background to be announced, but there's probably some destruction involved.

Karr doing a 'powerslide' (anybody seen that slide Doc Hudson does in Cars? Yeah, that) through the dirt.

Bothinspired by the show, obviously, but each one looks different in mymind from what happened on the TV screen. I desparately want to doanother of Karr by himself, since I sold that other orignal (whichbetter be framed by now, vespurrs!!) and miss terribly.

Which would you buy a print (or hell, even the original) of?

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