Jan. 22nd, 2007 02:06 pm
rusti_knight: (fear the dark)
And after the intro days, school is in *full swing!!!* I swear to Pete, I've got a laundry list now a mile long. ugh. I don't think I could take 15 hours of Art and Design classes with all the work I've got to do with just 12.

By wednesday I have to read: 73 pages in my typography book, have an exercise done where I've drawn four different versions of a letter I've picked out and plucked out of magazines and be started with my first assignment which has to have a rough version (close-ups of the same letters used in the exercise) ready for discussion and crit Monday

By Thursday I've got a woodblock project *due* in printmaking. As in, have it drawn on the wood, sealed, carved out (while running proofs during carving) and a dry print ready to turn in at the beginning of class Thursday (unless the guy changes his mind, guess we'll see).

I have some reading to do in my art history book, though that class is coming up next here in a little under an hour, to keep caught up with that class.

On top of:
a commission with a deadline of very early february
a pyo wolf (with no deadline, but she's sitting next to my computer among the paints, staring at me accusingly so I don't forget her, not that T would let me)
reading material for reference for future commissions
my own personal artwork which never seems to get done (dancing wolf, Rusti/Beast and Rusti/Viper)
sexy AU fic
and I've started writing on my book.

Holy cow I think my schedule just exploded at the seams. I'm having one of those dilemmas where I'm not sure which way I should turn first!! And I don't even have another job yet.

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