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OMFG, today has been, well, a disaster is not quite the right word, but stressful certainly is.

So I get up this morning and airspace over the UK is still closed until 0100 Tuesday morning, which was still not enough to mean that my flight leaving Chicago and arriving at Heathrow at 10am was canceled. There was no word on cancellation before I had to leave to get on the train, so I had to make a decision to stay or go. I couldn't simply reschedule, I didn't know when the next available two weeks for vacation were. So I got on the train. While the train was stopped in Champaign, my mother called to tell me that she looked at my flight info on and it said my flight was canceled. And shortly after Neo texts to tell me that Scotland, Wales, Ireland and northern England airspace is open.


It was too late to get off the train at Champaign and wait for the one home, so I decided to sit it out to Chicago. Got to Chicago and got a ticket home, then called Mom again to make sure that the flight really said canceled. Well, in between Champaign and Chicago, something had changed and they were now saying I was going to some airport with the initials PIK. No I idea whatsoever which airport that was.

So I figure I'd better go to the airport and see what's up anyway. I wouldn't be back in time for the 4pm train, but if I had to come home, I could still catch the 8pm train to New Orleans (That stops in Carbondale) and go to work the next day. Get to the airport (CTA and navigating the Airport being the least of my worries - I hate Chicago, but at least their public transit isn't hard) and get in line for check in. Some guy laughs at me when I tell him what flight I'm on, tells me "that flight isn't leaving! hahaha!"

I just shrugged and told him I'd heard otherwise and I was here to find out.

I guess it was a good thing I did, because my flight *was* leaving. Only, not at 8:10, but at 11pm, and it's going to Scotland. And they're going to bus us from Scotland to Heathrow. You know, through the Scottish countryside. And I'm going to be in such a snit by then I probably won't even be able to enjoy it.

God's sense of humor - sometimes, it seriously sucks. I have a terrible headache because I can't stop gritting my teeth and this apple and salad I have will be the first decent things I've eaten since yesterday.

I need a hug.
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