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So, sometime in the new year, I want to open up for pet portrait commissions. Except, I don't want to just copy a photo like so many do. I have seen some really great artistic stuff pop up once in a while and that's what I want to take a stab at. Be it creative cropping, a cartoon twist, something based on a personality, whatever. Even though I'd need a photo reference, my aim is not to just copy it.

Obviously I will be practicing with my own critters, but I thought I'd do a little something special since it's December and all and do a drawing for one with an animal I don't know.

Rules are: One animal, 9x12 bristol or illustration board in a medium of my choice (probably colored pencil, but I've been known to paint). It won't be done for Christmas! That much I can promise.

It's just one spot, and I'm going to do it by drawing a name randomly. Leave a comment if you're interested!

ETA: You can comment here, or on my Steel Wolf facebook page: (oh, yes, and the drawing is for a FREE one, sorry I didn't specify completely!)
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[Poll #1556659]

Cost of tees I'll try to keep below $20 (shooting for $15). No preorders necessary, printed as you buy!
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OMFG, today has been, well, a disaster is not quite the right word, but stressful certainly is.

This would have been more fun if I hadn't been by myself )

I need a hug.
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Test entry
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Rescue project could use a little help saving some parvo puppies. Follow the link for details.
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PYO Piece (the Rusti one, which is moot anyway, since where I to draw her as an animal, she wouldn't appear as a wolf anymore) for sale.

FList, passalong plz? Thx!
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Now open. I don't take these often, if you liked 'Fallen' consider this an opening.
Prices vary widely depending on what the job and/or the sculpt is, but nothing starts under $150, . I'm hoping to make a trip to the UK to visit a friend sometime next year and I need to make some dough to buy the obscenely expensive plane ticket (and I don't want to sell the Windstones I actually still have...) among other things.

These sculpts are offered by Windstone Editions specifically for the purpose of other artists painting them. Offered are a small dragon, a large dragon, a unicorn, a griffin, a wolf, a kirin, and a muse. All can be viewed here: The out of stock pieces should be restocked soon, hopefully, as the factory is just waiting on a shipment of new gypsum.

Some examples:

I've started printing out pictures of the blank statues and coloring in how I'd like to (or you would like me to) paint it, that will be happily included with your piece.

Any questions, plz email me!

I also still have a PYO Wolf in my possession who I'm considering painting as Shiranui from the Okami game to compliment Amaterasu above and to sell. If anyone would be interested in that, give me a poke.

ETA: Yes, I can finish stuff by Christmas, if you commission soon enough! It's a first come first served basis, and It takes me about six to eight weeks to do these at Fallen's (the griffin's) level of detail.
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I've decided I'll take a few of these. I have a bunch of stuff to save up for, not least of which is a round trip plane ticket to jolly old England (and perhaps a second to italy for a weekend, that remains to be seen, and an apartment downpayment, and a puppy, a new truck, and to pay for loans, etc, etc.)

So... These: are sculptures by Melody Pena and she's kindly offering these specific ones for painting by her fans.

See this post: for examples and a few extra details. I'll have another example to post at the end of the month.

Rates vary widely, but none start under $100 (not including the sculpt) and where they go from there depends on the complexity/size of the sculpt and the complexity of the requested paint job. I also won't be able to start until I'm finished with the piece I have in the works now, which will be for certain by the end of the month, so you have some time to consider and save.

If you have any questions, just ask!
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I am open for ONE 11x14 colored pencil single figure portrait/drawing with simple background commission.

Examples of pencil/colored pencil work: (really simple background) (passes as simple background)

more at:

$100 (shipping included in price). Half due upon claiming the opening. Half due when piece is complete. If you'd like to claim the slot and need to break it up more, just send me a message or IM me: sexyblacktruck on AIM, rusti_knight on YIM and we'll discuss. If you want to use Paypal, expect to pay those fees.

Full terms here: (disregard 8a, I will foot the bill for shipping for this opening).

If you know someone who might be interested, pass it on!
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So, my next tee design project is probably going to be a bellydance kind of thing for myself and to hawk on the dance boards and communities.

But, I'd like to hear from you guys what maybe you'd like to see. Spreadshirt does offer coupons from time to time and I try to stay on top of when they come out, but sometimes, like the last one, I overlooked it and didn't post it but for the last couple days of the sale.

So give me some feedback, tell me what you might buy!

Also, here's a link to my shop:
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Call it a 'tax return' sale, if you will.

One 11x14 pencil drawing with a splash of color like this.

Now, I remember how much this drawing made me hurt, and there's layers of graphite there and lots of care taken. I would usually charge $100 for something of this caliber, but I'll take ONE commission for a piece like this for $70, up to two figures. The rules posted here apply, as this is just an opportunity to get this piece for $30 less than what I would normally charge.

So, highly detailed, 11x14 pencil/colored pencil piece for $70, offer open until the end of February.

Pass it on. :)


Jan. 1st, 2009 07:11 pm
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Red and White Koi Shirts:

Black Koi Shirts!:

The voters have spoken!

Also, there's a coupon to be had until January 16th

For US Citizens use NEW29 to get 20.09% off

For Canadian Citizens, use CADNEW29 to get the same.

These have restrictions in place by Spreadshirt: minimum order is $20 and the coupon doesn't apply to shipping.
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I have an HP 1315 all-in-one printer/scanner/copier that I now only need as a scanner, so, I'm considering offering it up for sale to someone who could use it so I can just get a flatbed scanner instead and not have superfluous equipment sitting around.

It's in good shape, works perfectly and I think I might even still have the box and CD (if I can't find the CD, you can download the drivers/software from HP - I know that I have the box). I don't think I have any extra ink cartridges lying unused, but if I do, I'd just toss them in. I will be keeping the USB cable because I need it for the Epson.

I will ship, but whoever buys it does need to cover for that, and I'd be more than happy to ship FedEx instead of USPS.

I'd like to get $80 for it, as there's absolutely nothing at all wrong with it, and it's probably not even scratched. If you know someone, or you need one, let me know!
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I just wanted to let people know that I *am* open for freelance work.

I do print, web, t-shirts, custom artwork - oh, just about anything. If I had any doubts about my ability to do something you brought to me, I'd be sure to tell you.

If you know someone who needs any of this work done, please, let me know so I can contact them, or let them know about me. You can point them to my website.

I'm having a devil of a time finding a job, so anything can help me out here. Thanks guys.
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Hey, [ profile] hycaliber!!

Pass it on!

For those of you not in the know, my default icon was requested as a shirt. It's up on Zazzle now for sale. You can choose the style of the shirt you get it on, I left that open. She was meant for a white or possibly pale ash gray shirt, otherwise, the vibrancy of her grays are lost.

Line art was by [ profile] loupgarou, I took her to illustrator and colored her.
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I haven't had time for something like this in forever, but I think I'll do this for a while to make a little extra spending money for the nice printer I'd like to have and the camera I'd also like to have instead of going further into debt on the American Express. xD

Here's the skinny:
Sketches are generally $20-$25 if you commissioned me outside of a sale like this. I'm going to take 10 sketch commissions at a time at $15 each.

They'll be done in mech pencil on 9x12 bristol board and here are some examples
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

Max two characters/figures each, references are a plus!

$15 9x12 sketch on bristol board - 7 slots open
1. [ profile] onlyonechoice Paid #1
2. [ profile] amergina
3. flickerofdoubt

When these are done, I can open up again. Most subjects are OK, and if I have my doubts about what you're requesting, or of I'm completely repulsed by a request, I'll let you know.

Pay before I draw, and I prefer paypal, but I'll take a money order. You can request more than one slot (two separate sketches = 2 slots) and first pay first drawn. (Oh, and paypal is webmaster at steel-wolf dot com, replaces words with appropriate symbols and removes spaces. :) )
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Base metal (probably nickel, it's not sterling!), quartz, onyx and Czech glass choker.

I really like this one.

Big image! )

For Sale on Etsy
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Lapis lazuli, quartz, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal keystone and pewter wolf charm.

For sale on Etsy: if anyone wants it.
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Every once in a while I'll indulge in my crafting sensibilities and make jewelry. Last week I placed an order to Fire Mountain gems and I've got the things to make two necklaces.

I finished the first one tonight. It's genuine malachite and black onyx, sterling silver chain and a pewter dragon pendant/centerpiece. The black ring joining the dragon and the necklace is a Swarovski crystal comsic ring.

Pics )

I'm going to put it up in my Etsy shop for sale, and I'll edit this post with the link if anybody is interested.

edit: Here is the Etsy listing
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