Sep. 20th, 2009

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Now open. I don't take these often, if you liked 'Fallen' consider this an opening.
Prices vary widely depending on what the job and/or the sculpt is, but nothing starts under $150, . I'm hoping to make a trip to the UK to visit a friend sometime next year and I need to make some dough to buy the obscenely expensive plane ticket (and I don't want to sell the Windstones I actually still have...) among other things.

These sculpts are offered by Windstone Editions specifically for the purpose of other artists painting them. Offered are a small dragon, a large dragon, a unicorn, a griffin, a wolf, a kirin, and a muse. All can be viewed here: The out of stock pieces should be restocked soon, hopefully, as the factory is just waiting on a shipment of new gypsum.

Some examples:

I've started printing out pictures of the blank statues and coloring in how I'd like to (or you would like me to) paint it, that will be happily included with your piece.

Any questions, plz email me!

I also still have a PYO Wolf in my possession who I'm considering painting as Shiranui from the Okami game to compliment Amaterasu above and to sell. If anyone would be interested in that, give me a poke.

ETA: Yes, I can finish stuff by Christmas, if you commission soon enough! It's a first come first served basis, and It takes me about six to eight weeks to do these at Fallen's (the griffin's) level of detail.

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